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Hello, Here’s my first review, from a long-time friend and fan

Thank you, Joan and Richard, for allowing us to quote you on your feedback after listening to “What About The Water.”
We appreciate your comments — take this as an unsolicited review, from two very educated but not-professional journalist reviewers!

We confess — we’re also learning how to use the Blog Section on the new web site.  PS What do you think of the web site?
“Take it away — It’s Joan and Richard speaking, below:”

I have listened to several cuts from “What About the Water” and they are marvelous.  Later today I hope to get the full impact in one uninterrupted sitting.   This is a really high quality album. Balanced around the theme of respecting the water,  yet each piece comes from a different place. The complex vocals and arrangements are very sophisticated and move this album up several notches from a classic folk music album. Lee obviously pulled together a cadre of high quality musicians to collaborate with.  I was especially thrilled to discover that Lee had included the old Celtic song, Wild Mountain Thyme….it is such a lovely link between the old and the new and the future (with the closing number, After the Storm). and of course, one can never go wrong with including a Stan Rogers song!


I did get to listen to the whole album today and really like the flow.  Lee takes us back and forth between  ballads of trauma and loss to beautifully flowing instrumental pieces. These guitar pieces are quiet reflective moments that helped me to relax and think about the story I had just heard in the previous track.   I know I will have to listen many times to Upon the Wind, the saga of a civil war soldier.   There is a lot in the song and having lived for 20 years in Vicksburg, I was familiar with the disaster that was the Sultana. Kilkelly is just plain sad….it captures the separation and loss of family that is part of the sacrifice made by both the immigrant and those they leave behind.

September 25, 2014 / News

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