Loving Light

Loving Light (2016)

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Release Date: November 10, 2016

Whale Song
Midnight Lullaby
The Soo Line
Frobisher Bay
Coffee on the Front Porch
Together Remembered
The Cumberland’s Crew
The Blue Pike Song
Reilly’s Ghost
Out on Holiday
Storm on the River
The Road We Build
Loving Light

Liner Notes

My 21st CD, Loving Light, features 13 new songs including some new tunes that relate to Great Lakes history as well as a few folk songs that were popular from years past. Songs such as Reilly’s Ghost, Out on Holiday, Midnight Lullaby, Together Remembered, and Loving Light, were written by myself, inspired from Great Lake’s lore and celebrate much of the positive side of life. Some other songs included are a few I remember from my early days in the folk scene. They are Whale Song (Steve Grimes), Frobisher Bay (James Gordon), Storm on the River (David H.B. Drake), and The Soo Line (Craig Johnson). Filling out this CD will be the traditional song Cumberland’s Crew, sung by lakes sailors over 150 years ago, The Blue Pike Song about environmental issues in Lake Erie, an instrumental, Coffee on the Front Porch, as well as a new song by Stephen Jones titled The Road We Build.

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