We Are Reprinting Lake Rhymes – Reserve Your Copy Now

We Are Reprinting Lake Rhymes – Reserve Your Copy Now

September 3, 2019 — dateline Kaneville Illinois

SEE THE VIDEO https://youtu.be/eyWLbvaSNzc

Our book and CD, “Lake Rhymes: Folk Songs of the Great Lakes Region” will be re-published this fall! It has been out of print for more than 8 years, but it is still in great Demand.

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We self-published in 2004, and it went out of print in 2011.  If you were to try to buy one new today on Amazon, it will sell for more than $80 — we are releasing the book now, complete with CD, and in hardcover, for only $40.00 postpaid.

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We try to add a little fun to our Kickstarter campaigns by adding some extra items that you can’t get elsewhere … or some one-of-a-kind recordings or packages. If you have really deep pockets, you could commission me to write a song just for you…  Or for a more moderate investment, your name will be included on the credits page of the book.

We launched just before Labor Day, but we have just begun to make it public. The book will cost $40, post-paid, and it will be a limited edition. You may purchase it using my online store, or if you go to the Kickstarter site you’ll see a lot of “extras” incentives including one-of-a-kind extra gifts.

We also have the “early bird discount” option on Kickstarter — for 20 people only, get Lake Rhymes for 10% off, $36, including free shipping.

My online store option:Please place your order soon, whether via Kickstarter, or my online store,or  by mailing us a check payable to Depot Recordings, PO Box 11, Kaneville, IL 60144

Kickstarter option:


Buy now directly from us, bypass the Kickstarter.


Thank you for your support!!

SEE THE VIDEO https://youtu.be/eyWLbvaSNzc


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